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The Next Generation Shapewear

The next generation shapewear for lady leaks by Modibodi is here! This is a great blog post Zoom Now found on Modibodi's website and with their consent have allowed the Zoom Now team to republish it: One of the more frustrating things (among others) in life being a...

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That Tops Environmental Impact On Mother Earth

The 'Zoom Now' Team came across this very cool article on the OCC Apparel and they have very kindly agreed for us to share it with our readers. 'THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF PUTTING THAT SHIRT ON YOUR BACK' The shirt you’re wearing right now: what’s it made from? In...

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Designing & Building a Fashion Show

Designing & Building a Fashion Show t may be backdrop, but without it, these extravaganzas are paint without a canvas. Gorgeous boys and girls dressed in stunning outfits must have context. They must have faux bricks and mortar for their Parisienne boulevard

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What Makes a Top Fashion Model?

What Makes a Top Fashion Model? Height is the first thing that is most noticeable about most super models. Tall women dominate the catwalks and runways of Paris, London, New York and Sydney.

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