The fashion extravaganza is akin to musical theatre or, dare I say, the opera. It is dependent upon great performers, the fashion models, sensational creative outfits, the fashion designers, and an evocative set, the stage/catwalk. Colour is vitally important, either in the fashions themselves and/or the background staging of the event. Drama must be suggested in the overall ambience of the show. Producers and directors want audience members to be sitting on the edge of their seats, as they ogle the oeuvre, ooh la, la. Thus, the designing and building of a fashion show is an integral element of the whole fandango.

Constructing a Sensational Set & Staging

Those of us who ravenously consume fashion shoot photos and pics of celebrated fashion shows, often, forget about the rough trade foundations of these mighty events. The swinging hammers dangling from the belts of tradesmen and labourers who build these runways and sets. The studious engineering person, who designs the parameters of the whole kit and caboodle. The house painter who blacks out the stage and walls in preparation for spotlights and disco balls to sparkle lavishly. Constructing a sensational set is essential to the success of a celebrated fashion designer show.

Stunning Outfits Must Have Context

The runway, the cabinets, and staging structures are all part of the show. It may be backdrop, but without it, these extravaganzas are paint without a canvas. Gorgeous boys and girls dressed in stunning outfits must have context. They must have faux bricks and mortar for their Parisienne boulevard, their Sydney street scene, and their London laneway. Theatre comes alive with lighting, sound, and staging. Fashion shows feed on placement and category, genre and type, seasonal and temporal fashion styles come alive in the right setting.

Building a Brilliant Show

Of course, building a brilliant show can be back breaking work for the display company workers involved. The deadlines loom large above these 24/7 production fit outs. The bump-in and bump-outs are uber cutthroat in a highly competitive and time poor industry. Those of us who sit down to a glass of champers in the front row, would be hard pressed to imagine the chaos and clamour that has gone before. All productions are beset with last minute changes and challenges, which threaten to derail the show before the lights go up and the first model sashays down the runway. Break a leg, honey! No, not really, darling!