The world of fashion photography is full of allure, and imagined excitement, especially, by those of us who eat up the fashion pages in our favourite magazines. Gorgeous men and women, stunning outfits, and art direction which suggests romance and daring possibilities, all conspire to turn pictures into invitations. Top fashion models must have an ability to appear to be many things, a versatility in their faces and bodies, as they are canvases upon which artists play. The fashions, the makeup, the hair, and the accessories are layers of suggestive identity. We the audience do the rest with our own projection of narratives that fascinate us.

To Be a Successful Fashion Model

What makes a top fashion model then? What special requirements does every successful fashion model possess? Height is the first thing that is most noticeable about most super models. Tall women dominate the catwalks and runways of Paris, London, New York and Sydney. Stylish fashions, generally, look better on longer bodies. Clothes gracefully fall across lean and long forms. Fashion designers love to see their designs on ladies who are clothes horses of the thoroughbred kind. Equine like limbs, prominent cheekbones and pelvic angles, are all elements featured in the top fashion models.

Tits & Teeth Ladies

Striking facial features can increase the value of the in-demand super model. Cosmetic dentistry is de riguour for top fashion models in this highly competitive industry. “Tits and teeth”, used to be the showgirl’s choreographer’s refrain and nothing much has changed. After a gruelling day and night on the runway, therapeutic massage is another must for most working fashion models. Relieving stress and optimising wellbeing are all vital weapons in the super model’s armoury. Coping with the pressures and demands of photo shoots and fashion shows is part and parcel of the lifestyle.

Fashion Models Must Maintain Their Energy Levels

The food is usually very good at these fashion extravaganzas; hopefully the girls can afford to imbibe the kilojoules. Catering for fashion shows in Sydney, in my own experience, is lavish and, usually, delicious. Top fashion models must maintain their energy levels to perform at the level expected by directors and choreographers. Avoiding pharmaceutical solutions and sticking with natural foods and medicines is advisable in the long run. Taking shortcuts with your health is never a good idea and can lead to some nasty habits. These are just some the things that make a top fashion model.